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Current and Past Projects

  • PhD Supervision (Ongoing):
    • Pamela Wall: The efficacy of domain-specific heuristics in evaluating usability and user experience of e-Government information and transactional services applications.
    • Rachael Hewetson: The relationship between user assistance and the success of enterprise software in the cloud.
  • MA Supervision (Past and Present):
    • I have supervised the completion of over 70 MA dissertations and projects to-date.
  • Learning Analytics and Content Analysis (Ongoing since 2016):
    • I am using Sakai analytics and qualitative content analysis to evaluate student engagement and achievement of learning outcomes, for both on-campus and distance learning students. I am also collaborating on a project to examine Google analytics for YouTube instructional videos. We received seed funding from the Kemmy Business School to examine Sakai engagement analytics with a view to detecting at-risk students (collaborators: Dr. Michael O'Brien and Dr. John Walsh).
  • Flipped Classrooms (Ongoing since 2017):
    • I am collaborating on a project to explore the benefits of the flipped classroom for improving the learning experiences of international students. This project received seed funding from the Kemmy Business School (collaborators: Dr. Michael O'Brien and Dr. John Walsh).
  • E-Learning and Blended Mobility (Ongoing since 2015):
    • I am a collaborator in the e-learning and blended mobility workpackage for the EUCERMAT (EUropean CERamics MATerials) Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. My activities include delivering e-learning training to academic staff in five EU institutions (the Université de Limoges, France; the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany; the AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland; the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal; and the University of Limerick), researching best practice in online delivery, coordinating blended mobility activities, and facilitating the online delivery of teaching units, with a view to developing a blended mobility/ online Joint Masters programme in Advanced Ceramics. Click here for further details.
  • International Virtual Teams (Ongoing since 2006):
    • I am one of four researchers investigating communication strategies, leadership roles, and technology use in international student virtual teams.  I collaborate with Dr. Madelyn Flammia (University of Central Florida), Dr. Patricia Minacori (Université Paris-Diderot 7), and Dr. Yvonne Cleary (University of Limerick).
  • MIDAS-NET (Multimedia Information Demonstration And Support Network) (1998 to 1999):
    • I was the MIDAS-NET Ireland representative for BTiS. BTiS was the coordinator of the INFO2000 MIDAS-NET in Ireland. INFO2000 was a programme of the European Commission (5th Framework), which promoted multimedia content in the information society. The MIDAS-NET network was established to collect and disseminate information and raise awareness about multimedia.
  • MLIS (MultiLingual Information Society) (1998 to 1999):
    • I was the MLIS Ireland Project Officer for BTiS.  In this role, I developed resources, undertook research, attended conferences, and presented findings at national and international workshops. MLIS was a programme of the European Commission (DG XIII/E), which promoted linguistic diversity in the emerging information society.  It comprised actions relating to language infrastructure development and the use of language technologies and resources in business and the wider community.