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TEL Resources

Note: This collection of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) tools and teaching resources is not definitive and not all tools have been tested by the author. Inclusion in this list does not imply an endorsement. Given the large number of requests I receive (some of which are not suitable for inclusion in this list), I can no longer respond to requests from individuals/ companies asking me to include their resources in this collection.

Update: July 2023--this list needs to be updated as it may contain some broken links. I will update it when I have time...

Accessibility/ Universal Design for LearningApp Development | Authoring/ Documentation | Best Practice/ Quality in Blended and Fully Online Delivery | Blogging | Collaborative Authoring | Comics | Compression/ ZippingContent Hosting SitesContent/ Text AnalysisCourses/ Presentations/ Animations/ Videos | Digital/ Open Badges | Digital Skills/ ICT Literacies | E-Learning Examples/ Demos/ Checklists | E-Moderating | E-Portfolios/ File Sharing | E-Tivities/ Online Activities/ E-Tutoring | Flipped Classrooms/ Learning | Fonts/ Typefaces | Games/ Simulations/ Virtual Worlds | General/ All Tools | Grading Rubrics | Image- and Video- Making/ Sharing/ Sourcing | Instructional Design/ Learning Outcomes | InterviewsLearning Management Systems/ Virtual Learning Environments (Various) | Learning Object Repositories/ MOOCs | Mindmapping/ Post-Its/ Brainstorming | Netiquette Guidelines | Online/ E-Safety | Online Testing/ Exams | Plagiarism DetectorsPodcasting/ Audio/ Music | Polling/ Voting/ Surveying/ Forms | Project Management | Quizzes/ Gap Fill | Referencing/ E-Books | Screencasting/ Screenshots/ Screensharing | Social Media | URL Shortening | Video- and Web- Conferencing/ Virtual Classrooms | Web Quests/ Guided Inquiry

Accessibility/  Universal Design for Learning

Balabolka - Text to Speech Software

     See also these Balabolka User Guides

ClaroRead - Text to Speech Software

Google Docs/ Google Slides Voice Typing (Chrome Only)

Introduction to Assistive Technologies (Overlays, Magnifiers, Concept Mapping, Etc.)

Kami PDF Editor/ Filler (Google Drive Add-On)

Microsoft Learning Tools - Includes an Immersive Reader for use with Various Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Magnifier

Microsoft Stream - Generates Automatic Captions for Videos

Orato - Text to Speech Software

Universal Design for Learning - Framework and Resources

ZoomIt - Screen Zoom and Annotation Tool (Windows Only)

bloxmob App Builder

Shiny - Build Interactive Web Apps from R

Google Docs


DocToolHub--Find a Suitable Documentation Tool

See also my list of Collaborative Authoring Tools and my list of tools for Creating Online Courses/ Presentations/ Animations/ Videos


Quality Matters Rubrics and Standards
OLC Quality Scorecard (OSCQR)
Blended Learning Course Quality Rubric (University of Ottawa)

Courseware in Context (CWIC): A Quality Framework for Digital Learning
Interactive Course Structuring Tools (University of Ottawa)

Online Learning Efficacy Research Database - Studies Comparing Online and/or Hybrid Education with F2F Delivery (Oregan State University)

A Manual for Blended Mobility (in particular see Section 3) (EUCERMAT Erasmus+ Final Output, by Darina Slattery)
Tools and Technologies for Teaching and Learning Online (Interactive Open Educational Resource by Darina Slattery, funded by the t1step/ National Forum)
Teaching Approaches Menu (Tools for Reflection, PBL, Role Play, Critiquing, Debate, Etc.) (Sheffield Hallam University)
TELU Micro-Lessons on Using Technolgies to Support Teaching Activities

Learning to Teach Online (Guidelines, Case Studies, and How-To Guides from the University of New South Wales)

Online Learning Professional Development (Online Learning Consortium)

Online Course Design Review Scorecard (OLC and Open SUNY)

Tools of Engagement Project - Learn about Different Tools and Online Activities (State University of New York/ SUNY)

Illinois Online Network (ion) Online Teaching Activity Index (Best Practice Examples of Online Activities)
Illinoios Online Network (ion) Online Education Resources ( Guidlines on Online Ed, Assessment/ Evaluation, Web Design, Etc.)
The CU (Colorado University) Online Handbook 2011 (Articles about Teaching Online, Technology in Action, Emerging Tools, Etc.)
Remix-T (An Interactive Online Guide to help Teachers Develop Engaging Activities Incorporating Images, Video, and Sound (University of Notre Dame)

Scorecard for Online Student Support - Online Learning Consortium (OLC)
EdShelf - Search for Educational Tools (Search by Platform, Category, Keywords, Etc.)

Adopting a Powerful Attitude to Learning (Open Educational Resource by Robert Dalton and Silke Rehman, University of Limerick)

A Student's Guide to Getting Started on E-Learning


Weebly - Create blogs and websites

WordPress - Official Help Pages
WordPress Tutorials - You Can Build Websites

Weebly - Create blogs and websites
Penzu - Online Journal

Blogs in the Classroom - Uses, Examples, and Checklists (Draft Chapter Extract, Megan Poore)

Collaborative Authoring

Google Docs/ Drive
     How To Teach with Google Docs (Edudemic)
     How to Share a Google Doc with a Non Gmail User
     How to Receive Notifications when a Google Drive Folder is Changed

Evernote - Store Notes, Collaborate on Documents, Synchronise Devices, Etc.
OneNote - Store Notes, Collaborate on Documents, Synchronise Devices, Etc.
Wikispaces - Collaborative Authoring
TitanPad - Collaborative Authoring
Overleaf - Collaborative Writing and Publishing
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware - Web Application with Wikis, Forums, Blogging, Etc.
Twiddla - Team Whiteboarding and Collaboration
Flipboard - Personal Magazine Creation - Document Conferencing/Sharing
VoiceThread - Share Multiple Media (Voice, Video, and/or Text) over the Cloud
PrimaryPad - Web-based Word Processor for Collaborative Authoring

Lucidspark - Virtual Whiteboard for Real-Time Collaboration

PrintFriendly - Turn Web Pages to PDF (also prints and emails PDFs)
Blind Text Generator - Generates Lorem Ipsum and other Dummy Text
iWorkCommunity - Free templates for Apple Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

Wikis in the Classroom - Uses, Examples, and Checklists (Draft Chapter Extract, Megan Poore)
Teaching with Wikis - Uses and Resources (University of Minnesota)
6 Free Online Collaborative Interactive White Boards – 2012 Update
Guide to Online Collaborations: Useful Tips, Tools & Apps


Bitstrips - Create Comics
ToonDoo - Create Comics
Pixton - Create Comics
Comic Life - Create Comics

How to Use Comic Life in the Classroom

Comics in the Classroom - Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teachers
Comics in the Classroom - Online Tools

Compression/ Zipping




Content Hosting Sites

Google Drive

OneNote - Store Notes, Collaborate on Documents, Synchronise Devices, Etc.

How to Share Content via Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Web Storage on S3 (5GB free storage)

    How to Host courses (or any content) on a public AWS S3

    How to Share Articulate Storyline projects on AWS using Cloudberry


Content/ Text Analysis

Text/ Corpus Analysis Software (Lauren Anthony)

Voyant (Word Frequency Analysis, Concordancing, etc.)

Wordsmith Tools (Concordancing, Keywords, and Wordlists)

Courses/ Presentations/ Animations/ Videos/ Storyboards

Articulate Storyline - E-Learning Authoring Tools (Also Converts PPT to Online)
Raptivity - E-Learning Authoring Tools
Adobe Captivate

H5P - Open Source Content Authoring
Xerte - Open Source Content Authoring

Articulate_vs_Adobe Captivate Software

Free E-Learning Tools -- Extensive List (Tracy Parish)

Lessonly - Create Shareable Lessons and Resources

Canva - Storyboard Creator

Boords - Storyboard Creator

Microsoft Powerpoint - How to Print Multiple Slides on One Page (Screencast by Darina Slattery)

    PowerPoint Add-Ins
    PowerPoint vs. PDF
    Using PowerPoint Templates

Adobe Presenter

     Adobe Presenter: Reasons to Use/ Download

Prezi - Engaging Presentations
     How to Use Prezi to Create Visual Lessons (Edudemic)

SlideShare - Content/Slide Sharing
Socrative - Quizzes, Live Questioning and Polling, Collaboration, Etc.
GoAnimate_- Animated Videos
Animoto - Video Slideshows
PowToon - Free Animated Video Maker and Presentation Maker

Design Wizard - Free Video and Image Editor
Motionbox - Free Video and Captions Editor
VideoScribe - Whiteboard-Style Animations
Jing - Free Screenshot and Screencast Software - Online Presentations
Knovio - Free Online Presentations
Zoho - Slideshow Presentations
Google Slides - Presentations
Haiku Deck - Presentations

Steps to Create an E-Learning Storyboard (Andrew Scrivally)

Digital/ Open Badges

Digital Badges – An Overview
7 Things You Should Know About… Badges (Educause)
Mozilla OpenBadges
Chicago Badge Studio

Introduction to MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms, & Digital Badges (YouTube Screencast by Darina Slattery)

Digital Skills/ ICT Literacies

ATS2020 Resources for the Assessment of Transversal Skills

E-Learning Examples/Demos/ Checklists

Articulate E-Learning Examples/ E-Learning Heroes
Articulate - Community Showcase
E-learning examples (Cathy Moore)
Games for Learning (MIT)
Mobile Learning - Ideas and Pitfalls (Richard Culatta)
Best Practices for Creating E-Learning (OutStart Trainer)
E-Learning Design and Development Checklist (Nicole LeGault) - Online Video Tutorials and Training

Is eLearning for me? (self-assessment questionnaire and checklists for students considering taking an online course).


E-Moderating, the five stage model, and guidelines (Western Sydney University)
E-Moderating and the five stage model (Gilly Salmon)

Teacher Discussion Facilitation: Evaluation Form to Measure of Students' Perceived Understanding, Interest and Engagement (Finn and Schrodt, 2016)

E-Portfolios/ File Storing

Weebly - Can also create websites and blogs

Squarespace - Can also be used to create websites

How to build websites using Squarespace

Adobe Portfolio


Silk - Data Visualisations, Websites, Interactive Presentations, Etc.

MERLOT Pedagogy Portal: Portfolio Resources

     Evernote: How to Create a Portfolio

Portfolios (Authentic Assessment Toolbox)
Demonstrating and Assessing Student Learning with E-Portfolios

E-Tivities/ Online Activities/ E-Tutoring

Example e-tivities from the University of Limerick (various modules/ disciplines)

National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Content: Example e-tivities (for e-learning modules)

Allies in eLearning blog: E-tivity examples and resources (for e-learning modules)

Sample e-tivities (for modules about using social software and citing references etc.)

Sample Interactive Exercises Correlated with Bloom's Taxonomy (University of Exeter)

What is e-Learning and How to Become an e-Tutor/e-Teacher: E-learning course (Mobbs, 2004)

Learning Design and Assessment with E-Tivities: Journal article (Armellini & Aiyegbayo, 2009)

Flipped Classrooms/ Learning

Flipped Learning Network
What is Flipped Learning - The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P
Extension of a Review of Flipped Learning

Flipping the Classroom - DIIGO Online Group (List of Resources)

The Teacher's Guide to Flipped Classrooms

Introduction to MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms, & Digital Badges (YouTube Screencast by Darina Slattery)

Fonts/ Typefaces

WhatTheFont - Submit an Image of a Font to Find a Match
FontMatcherator - Submit an Image of a Font to Find a Match - Submit an Image of a Font to Find a Match
Identifont - Submit an Image of a Font to Find a Match
Font Guide for All Occasions

Google Fonts
    7 free handwritten fonts for e-learning courses

Games/ Simulations/ Virtual Worlds

iDecisionGames - Run Online Simulations, Exercises and Games

Second Life Official Site - Virtual Worlds, Avatars, Free 3D Chat

An Overview of Second Life

SimVenture - Run Business Simulations
Prelude - Suite of Tools to Develop Teamwork Skills

General/ All Tools

Typology of Free Web-Based Learning Technologies (Bower & Torrington, 2020)

Image- and Video- Making/ Sharing/ Sourcing

Flickr - Photo Sharing
Vimeo - Video Sharing
Windows Movie Maker - Video Editing and Sharing
Pinterest - Share Images, Videos, Etc.

Artweaver - free paint and photo program

Inkscape - Free open source graphics editor
Balsamiq - Create Interface Mockups/ Wireframes

GIMP - Free open source mage editor
OmniGraffle - Create Graphics for MAC (Wireframes, Family Trees, Etc.)

Five Free Tools for Editing Photos Online

IrfanView - Free Graphic Viewer

Clipchamp - Free Video Editor

OpenShot - Free, Open Source Video Editor

Clipchamp - Free Video Editor

ssemble - Free Video Editor

Kaltura - Video Platform

Panopto - Video Editing, Recording, and Live Streaming Platform

Vyond - Dynamic Video Creator

Azul Media Player - Video/ Movie Player for iPad (Multiple File Formats, Can Download YouTube Videos)

HandBrake - Open Source Video Transcriber (Convert Multiple Video Formats, Multi-Platform)

Abbyy FineScanner - Create PDF and JPEG Files and Apply OCR

Fotor - Free Image Editor

Befunky - Free Photo and Image Editor

Renderforest - Online Video, Logo, and Website Maker

Design Wizard - Free Video and Image Editor

Google - Upload a Photo and Google will Attempt to Find it Online

VideoScribe - Whiteboard Video Presentations

Free Stock Photo Sites
Pexels - Free Stock Photos
morgueFile - Free Photo Archive

iStock - Photo Collections

Unsplash - Free Images

CleanPNG- Free PNG Images

List of 85 free stock photo resources (and how to use them)

playposit - Make Existing Online Videos Interactive (Embed Questions, Run a Poll, Track Responses, Etc.)

A Short Guide to D.I.Y. Videos (University of Central Florida)

Techsmith Tips and How-Tos for Videos and Images

Instructional Design/ Learning Outcomes

Developing and Writing Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes (The University of Rhode Island)
Writing Learing Outcomes (The University of Nottingham)
Conditions of Learning incl. Events of Instruction (Richard Culatta)
Learning Theories - Various (Richard Culatta)
Instructional Design Models (Richard Culatta)
Sample Interactive Exercises for Bloom's Taxonomy (University of Exeter)
Aligning Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment with Intended Learning Outcomes (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Writing Learning Otucomes (Interactive Tool to Helpl Formulate Outcomes) (University of Ottawa)


Interviews - Record and Transcribe Interviews and Meetings


Learning Management Systems/ Virtual Learning Environments (Various)

Top 20 Most Popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) (2015)

Blackboard Platforms
Canvas LMS
LearnUpon LMS
Moodle LMS
Sakai LMS

Meridian LMS

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware - Web Application with Wikis, Forums, Blogging, Etc.
Google Classroom - Suite of Educational Tools

Best LMS (Learning Management System) Software | 2015 Reviews


"3-Minute Moodle Guide" - how to edit your user profile
"3-Minute Moodle Guide" - how to create a discussion forum
Uploading files to Moodle
Create and Grade Upload File Type Assignments in Moodle 2.3

Introduction to the Forums Tool in Sakai v. 11.2 (YouTube Screencast by Darina Slattery)

VoiceThread (Comment and share online using audio/ video/ phone/ etc.)
     Using VoiceThread in Sakai

Learning Object Repositories/ MOOCs

Introduction to MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms, & Digital Badges (YouTube Screencast by Darina Slattery)

Learning Objects - Definition and Links

MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses (Blog about MOOCs)

edX - Free Online Courses
     edX instructional design Courses

Coursera - Free Online Courses
FutureLearn — Free Online Courses
OpenLearn - Open University Courses
Udacity - Online Courses (IT)
Udemy - Online Courses
Khan Academy - Free Online Courses
MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
webcast.berkeley | UC Berkeley Video and Podcast Courses
Open.Michigan (University of Michigan)
Open Learning Initiative - Online Courses
Canvas Network | Free online courses and MOOCs - Online Video Tutorials and Training
TED Talks
Guide to Free Online Courses

MERLOT II - Learning Object Repository
OER Commons

National Science Digital Library (STEM subjects)

Library of Congress Digital Collections

NDLR - National Digital Learning Repository
Open Training Platform of OERs
Online Instructional Resources - Various Disciplines (Michigan State)
Open Educational Resources - Various (Suffolk University Boston)

Free/ Open Textbooks - Oregan State University

Open Education Resources (OER) Overview - YouTube (Swinburne University)
OERs in 2015 – The Future has Never Looked Brighter (Emerging Education Technologies)

Mindmapping/ Post-Its/ Brainstorming

Popplet - Mind Mapping, Idea Sharing, Etc.
Mindmeister - Mind Mapping
Trello - Project Mgt, Sticky Notes, Etc.
Padlet - Mind Mapping, Idea Sharing, Etc.

Creately - Online Diagrams
Coggle - Mindmapping Etc.
Pinterest - Idea Sharing Etc.
Lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing
GoConqr - Mindmapping, Quiz-Making, Resource Sharing, Etc.

   GoConqr - Overview of Functionality and Tools
Wordle - Word Clouds
The Brain - Digital Memory/ Proj. Mgt
Diigo - Annotation, Highlight, Sticky Notes, Bookmarking, Etc.

Lucidchart - Dynamic Graphic Timelines, Mind Maps, and Venn Diagrams

Netiquette Guidelines

University of Florida - Netiquette Guide for Online Courses

Online Education Blog of Touro College - 15 Rules of Netiquette for Online Discussion Boards (Infographic and Text) - 15 Essential Netiquette Guidelines for Students

Virginia Shea (1994) - Netiquette Book (incl. Some Rules and Best Practices)

University of Central Florida (2019) Setting Discussion Expectations

Online/ E-Safety

360safe - An E-Safety Self Review Tool for Schools

Online Testing

TestReach - Online Testing/ Exams

Ans - Digitally Grade Paper-Based Exams

Plagiarism/ Academic Integrity Detectors



Podcasting/ Audio/ Music

audioBoom - Share Audio
Jamendo – Free Music Downloads
Soundcloud - Share audio, Create Channels, etc.

Podomatic - Share Podcasts Online

Free Music Archive

SoundBible - Free Sound Clips/ Effects

Audacity - Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Squadcast - Record Studio Quality Podcasts

Anchor - Free Audio Editor

Jodix Free WMA to MP3 Converter (e.g. Before Editing in Audacity)
Free WAV to MP3 Converter (e.g. Before Editing in Audacity) - Free Audio Converter (e.g. Before Editing in Audacity)

How to Have an Effective Podcast Introduction/Opening
Voice Over Script Word Counter (Calculate the Length of a Voiceover)

Polling/ Voting/ Surveying/ Forms

Socrative - Live Questioning and Polling, Quizzes, Collaboration, Etc.
Poll Everywhere - Real-time Audience Polling

POPin Live - Real-time Audience Polling/ Engagement
TurningPoint - Audio Response System
SurveyMonkey - Surveys
Wufoo - Forms, Surveys, Etc.
Typeform - Forms, Quizzes, Etc.
Doodle - Scheduling
Spiral - Real-time Audience Responses, Shared Whiteboards, Online Discussions


How to Make a Vocabulary Quiz - Some Guidelines

How to Make a Teacher Evaluation Form - Some Guidelines

Project Management (Online)

Basecamp - Online Project Management
Creating Gantt Charts
Slack - Create Channels for Teams/ Projects (Share Files, Converse, Etc.)
ProofHub - Plan, Collaborate, and Organise Projects

Flow - Project Management Tool
Socialcast - Project Management Tool

List of task management applications

When is Good - Schedule Online Meetings
Doodle - Schedule Online Meetings

Quizzes/ Gap Fill

Hot Potatoes - Quizzes
STUDYBLUE - Online Flashcards and Notes
Quizlet - Flashcards tests and study games
Quizworks - Free Quizzes
GoConqr - Quiz-Making, Mindmapping, Resource Sharing, Etc.
Testmoz - Test Generator
Quizalize - Create Quizzes and Games
FlipQuiz - Create Gameshow-style Boards
QuizBean - Quizzes
Inquizitive - Creative Online Quizzes
Kahoot - Games and Quizzes
Quizzizz - Quizzes

Need help creating quizzes (multiple choice, etc.) (Adobe Community)

Piazza - Online Q&A and Conversations/ Discussions Tool

Fabmarks - Free Resource Libraries for SAT, ACT and PSAT preparation materials

Referencing/ Social Bookmarking/ E-books

Delicious - Organise and Share Links
Scribd - Read Unlimited Books
Zotero - Organize and Share Research Sources
CiteULike - Organise and Share Research Sources
Mendeley - Online Library
Zinepal - Online PDF and eBook Creator
Diigo - Annotation, Highlight, Sticky Notes, Bookmarking, Etc.

IRIS Information Literacy Courses - Avoiding Plagiarism, the Research Process, Evaluating Information, Searching the Web, Etc.

Screencasting/ Screenshots/ Screensharing

Jing - Free Screenshot and Screencast Software
BigBlueButton - Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard, Live Online Lectures, Etc.
Screencast-O-Matic - Free Instant Screen Capture and Video sharing
CamStudio - Free Screencasts (AVI and Flash Formats)

Microsoft Snipping Tool
Microsoft Steps Recorder
GoToMeeting - Also Does Screensharing
Twiddla - Team Whiteboarding and Collaboration
Screenleap - Free Screen Sharing
Spiral - Shared Whiteboards, Real-time Audience Responses, Online Discussions

Screencasting - Kathy Schrock's Guide

Free screencast recording tools for Windows

12 Ways to Create Flipped Learning Content: No 1 - Screencasting

Social Media/ Social Bookmarking

The A to Z of Social Media for Academia


Twitter - Micro Blogging
      Introduction to Twitter (for students and teachers) (YouTube Screencast by Darina Slattery)
     How to Use Hashtags on Every Social Media Network
     About Replies and Mentions

Discord - Social Hangouts - Curate and Publish Ideas/ Content
Pinterest - Save and Share Ideas/ Content
EduClipper - Save and Share Ideas/ Content (e.g. Websites, Own Work, etc.)
Diigo - Annotation, Highlight, Sticky Notes, Bookmarking, Etc.
Periscope - Broadcast Live Video via Twitter

Tweetdeck - Dashboard for Multiple Twitter Feeds Etc.
Hootsuite - Dashboard for Multiple Twitter Feeds Etc.

How to develop a sense of presence in online and face-to-face courses using social media

URL Shortening

TinyURL - shorten long links
Bitly - shorten long links

Video- and Web- Conferencing/ Virtual Classrooms

Adobe Connect
BigBlueButton - Live Online Lectures (with Recording), Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard, Etc.

Clowdr - Virtual Conference Platform
Google+ Hangouts - Video and Text-Based Conversations
Anymeeting - Webinars, Video- and Audio- Conferencing
Blackboard Learn - Virtual Classroom

Wikispaces classroom - Collaborative Authoring, Organise Classes, Etc.
GoToMeeting - Videoconferencing

Panopto - Video Editing, Recording, and Live Streaming Platform

     Free MP3 Skype Recorder

Ultimate List of Virtual Team Technology Tools (The Couch Manager)
Tools and Guidelines for Virtual Meetings
VoiceThread - Share Multiple Media (Voice, Video, and/or Text) over the Cloud

WebQuests/ Guided Inquiry