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Interested in Postgraduate Studies

If you are interested in obtaining postgraduate qualifications (Ph.D, M.Sc.) by research in applied mathematics, feel free to contact me for an informal discussion. 

The direct telephone line is +353-61-202644;   my email address is stephen dot obrien at ul dot ie 

The basic entry requirement for postgraduate study is to be well motivated and to have a good degree in a numerate discipline: mathematics, physics or engineering with a strong mathematical content. I tend to work on modelling real world physical problems (see example below) so a background in physics or engineering is not a disadvantage. Funding is available both via MACSI,‚Äč and the Maths department.

Typical Postgraduate Projects

  • Michael Hayes (2001), Asymptotic and numerical modelling of thin film flows, PhD. 
  • Michael Chapwanya (2005), Models for bioremediation, Ph.D. 
  • Sean Lacey (2007), Modelling of rimming flows, Ph.D. 
  • Marguerite Robinson (2007), Flow regime transitions in two phase flows, Ph.D. 
  • Vincent Cregan (2011) Boundary value problems in the food industry, Ph.D. 

Examples of Real World Physical Problems

1.  Bubbles in guinness and roll waves on an inclined road are scientifically very similar phenomena.

See also Waves in Guinness


2.  Photograph and asymptotic estimate of the effect of an intrusive sensor under a bandage in tension.

3.  Green's function computation and photograph of disturbance in thin film flow over a point defect on a television screen.