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Spring 2021/22

MA4002 Engineering Mathematics 2
    Updated 13-Feb-2023

MA4002 SULIS site:

    In addition to this website (which is the main module site), some files (not publicly available), will be published at SULIS. ‚Äč In particular, ALL Tutorial Sheets will be available at the SULIS site only (see the Resources section).

Prime Textbook:

  • Calculus: A Complete Course by R. A. Adams and C. Essex.
    Publisher: Pearson, 9th (or 8th/7th, or any other) edition.

Talking to me / Office Hours:

  • I am available in my office B2037 to see students each Monday during the period 13:00-15:00 (except for 20 February, Week 5).
  • Alternatively, if you wish to talk to me, you may email me (at to make an appointment (you may indicate a few convenient times).
    A simple question may be asked after a lecture or via email.

Course Materials of 2020:

Mid-Term Exam:


  • 5% of the overall grade will be awarded for attendance based on a few random attendance checks.

Final Exam:

Other relevant texts:

    Anton, H. (1988) Calculus with Analytic Geometry, New York: Wiley.
    Anton, H. (1994) Elementary Linear Algebra, New York: Wiley.
    Atkinson, K. (1993) Elementary Numerical Analysis, New York: Wiley.
    Fraleigh, J.B. (1985) Calculus of a single variable, Reading: Addison Wesley.
    Jeffrey, A. (1992) Essentials of Engineering Mathematics, London: Chapman Hall.
    Stroud, K.A. (1995) Engineering Mathematics, Basingstoke : Palgrave.

Further Links: