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Codes and Data

  • The simulation codes and network data used in our paper Gleeson JP and Durrett R, “Temporal profiles of avalanches on networks”, arXiv:1612.06477 can be downloaded from here.
  • Data for Gleeson JP, O’Sullivan KP, Baños RA, Moreno Y, “The effects of network structure, competition and memory time on social spreading phenomena” (title changed from “Determinants of meme popularity”) arXiv:1501.05956 can be downloaded from here.
  • Octave/MATLAB code for solving the differential equations arising from the approximate master equations, pair approximations, and mean-field theories discussed in [Gleeson JP, Phys. Rev. Letters, 107, 068701 (2011)] and [Gleeson JP, Phys. Rev. X, 3, 021004 (2013)]  is now available for download from here. Comments and bug reports are welcome.